3 Myths About God

This Saturday, March 25, Pastor Pat will be sharing a message called “3 Myths About God.”

We call our time of getting together “Saturday Night Church.” It happens at the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre, 2200 Sawgrass Drive in Oakville every Saturday evening at 6:00pm.

When it comes to a subject matter as important as eternity, it’s absolutely critical that we have the right information. Where do we get information about God and our relationship to Him? Over the years, wrong ideas get propagated. We base our opinions on our culture, instinct, or logic.

This weekend, we will look at the Bible, specifically the opening chapters of the book of Galatians, as we set out to debunk a few myths about God.

We hope that you will join us! Calvary Chapel Oakville is a community of people who love God, love His Word, and love people! We put together answers to some frequently asked questions here.